AVUS worldwide claim services
AVUS worldwide claim services

About AVUS Group

Our service offer

includes the investigation and evaluation of losses, claims handling and recovery action in personal injury cases, property and casualty claims as well as financial claims in over 150 countries.

Our team

speak over 30 languages, have a history of many years of experience in legal work and uses customised digital technologies.

Our clients

are insurance and reinsurance companies, national insurers‘ bureaux and guarantee funds, insurance brokers, social security insurers and local authorities, as well as transport, leasing and car rental companies, car manufacturers and retailers, etc.

Our credentials

come from clients we have served for decades – regional enterprises, public-sector institutions and multinational corporations.

Cases per year
60th Anniversary



We help you save time and money

What is exceptional for you is normal for us. Thanks to our experts, processes and IT infrastructure, we are able to handle your foreign claims quickly and cost-efficiently. We coordinate all parties, such as loss adjusters, lawyers or garages. We take the burden off your administration staff to optimise your claims expenditure.


We offer a worldwide service

You cover losses incurred in countries in which you are not represented? With our worldwide network we handle claims in over 150 countries – via a central point of contact for all claims, if requested.


We are specialised in claims handling

Our independence safeguards your interests. We are neither brokers nor insurers, we do not underwrite insurance. We do not have any cross-ownerships with insurance companies, insurance brokers, IT service providers, loss adjusters or garages.

Our Philosophy

Without frontiers

The transport of passengers and goods does not stop at national borders. This applies not only for Europe but worldwide. Being one of the largest service providers for international claims handling, AVUS represents your interests. Across all national and cultural borders. With commitment and expertise. And with utmost loyalty.

AVUS - unsere Philosophie

Our History

AVUS Geschichte

After the Second World War Josef Pscheidl (1921-2007) founded a company which was specialized in transportation of goods between the occupation zones in Austria. The transport company grew rapidly. However, frequent road traffic accidents resulted in significant losses. The insurance cover sums were simply too low. Other transport companies had to face the same situation. Josef Pscheidl saw this market niche and founded the „Allgemeine Versicherungs-, Unfall- und Schadensberatungsbüro“, or „AVUS“, in 1960. As the motorization in Europe advanced he started together with his son Dr. Dieter Pscheidl to create an international network which more and more concentrated on cross-border claims handling. Already by the end of the 1960-ies several large insurance companies entrusted their international claims to AVUS. The business model proved itself in the long run. In the following decades the network was expanded all over Europe and beyond.

Environmental protection and sustainability

At AVUS, we strive to provide our high-quality services in a manner that minimizes our potential impact on the environment. In our operations and decision-making, we comply with all relevant environmental regulations and strive to avoid pollution. We apply best environmental practices in everything we do as we want to help leave an intact environment for future generations.

We are convinced that environmental protection cannot be viewed and solved in isolation. There are three pillars that must be taken into account: Ecology, Economy and Sociology. Thus, when we address environmental protection issues, we also consider the social and societal impact of our actions as well as the economic implications.

AVUS aims to be a role model by encouraging other companies and people to act in an environmentally conscious and socially responsible manner.

our policy is therefore:

  • to consider environmental aspects as well as social and economic impacts in all decisions and activities
  • to design our work processes in such a way that negative impacts on the environment are kept to a minimum
  • minimize energy and water consumption and conserve natural resources. Wherever possible, we rely on the use of renewable energies
  • to reduce business travels as far as possible; if a business travel is necessary, we will choose an environmental-friendly means of transportation
  • to reduce work commutes through home office arrangements.
  • selecting our business partners also from the point of view of their environmental protection activities
  • as far as possible, to purchase products and services that have the least impact on the environment
  • minimize our waste as much as possible and recycle whenever possible
  • to inform our employees in the sense of our environmental protection policy and to encourage them to act in an environmentally conscious manner
  • to communicate our environmental commitment to customers, clients and the general public
  • to take responsibility towards the present and future society