AVUS worldwide claim services
AVUS worldwide claim services

In the light of the Corona Crisis governments in many countries have taken partially severe measures which may have a negative influence on the operations of some AVUS offices.

We have activated our emergency plans so that even in severely hit countries a minimum level of operations will continue. Consequently we ask for your understanding if the processing of your inquiries should last longer than usual.

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We help you save time and money


We offer a worldwide service


We are specialised in claims handling

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We help you save time and money

What is exceptional for you is normal for us. Thanks to our experts, processes and IT infrastructure, we are able to handle your foreign claims quickly and cost-efficiently.
We coordinate all parties, such as loss adjusters, lawyers or garages. This helps to reduce the workload of your administration staff and optimize your claims expenditure.
With our worldwide network we handle claims in over 150 countries – via a central point of contact for all claims, if requested.

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